Our Privacy Policy

Taishin Koki Co., Ltd. (hereunder called We), as a company that handles personal information of our clients, acknowledges our social obligation to manage the given information securely and properly. In case of handling such personal information, we place it as a matter of the utmost importance in our company’s activity while carrying out our social responsibilities. With each and every staff of us having the common understanding, we will make approach according to the following Privacy Policy:

  • When collecting personal information, we will obtain the prior consent of the person on the use of information and let him/her know the purpose of use. In case the collected information must be presented outside of us or be outsourced, we will do the same.
  • If a person requests us to make a reference, correction or deletion of collected personal data of him/herself, we will work on it without any delay.
  • Not only controlling rigidly the personal data, we will take all available proper preventive and corrective actions against the loss, damage, manipulation and leak of them.
  • We will follow any relevant laws and other regulations on data privacy protection.
  • We will conduct the staff education and training on privacy protection without interruption to improve awareness of its importance.
    If you have any questions about Our Privacy Policy, please send us an E-mail at info@taishinkoki.co.jp

October 17, 2011

Soichi Kuroda, Representative Director,
Taishin Koki Co., Ltd.